Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is my job Title?



A professional will use makeup, not paint 

Where do I work?

Magazine Cover, Art Fest, Spiritual Retreatment, Belly painting, Fashion Show, Children Parties, Yoga Design photo shoot, Products marketing, CD covers, Work shop for design and art universities, Model portfolios, Halloween costumes, TV Programs, Parks, Subway stations…

Any place where there is a body and body paint!

What does a Body Painter do?

-Creates an artwork on live canvas-

A body painter represents, communicates and expresses feelings and sensations.

How is a typical workday

Along with a good night sleep, there are several things I need to take into consideration such as; the idea of a design previously agreed  on with the client. I also confirm with the photographer, make-up and hair designer, and model to make sure that there are no last minute surprises. One night before, I set up the required material. I need patience and focus to get prompt desired results! 

What is challenging about my career?

Time- Painting is on a live canvas, so anything you start must be finished the same day!

What is Body Painting 

  • It is an artwork shown on a live canvas.
  • Communication and expression of feelings and sensations.