My Addiction for expressing myself

The Art of Transformation

Body paint shows expressive potential through contemporary graphic art embodied in living canvases.

As I plunge into the world of body painting, the minutes liquefy in my hands, I can remain immersed in it for up to ten hours without even noticing that my model’s legs are shaking and that she is beginning to yawn. The thing is that, as I have always said, life gifted me two chances to live it in the same story; previously in my office in my native Mexico, giving smiles and solutions to children and families as a Psychology and now using paint as a process which is more than therapeutic, as a relaxing process which allows me to create, transform, modify and even invent stories, topics, and tales because painting on a living canvas with movement, thoughts, speech, volume, texture is more than just a performance that I am witness and creator of. It is a way of understanding why the human being, since our ancestors, is eager to engage in communication with “others” without even having been able to develop verbal language using colors and lines to express emotions, feelings, and desires. 

Various factors should be considered in painting a body, but above all one must be “patient” because in difference to other artistic mediums, here what is started must be finished in a single session. There is no option to go to bed and meditate which strokes you will make the next day, here you cannot let your mind wander to create the next conception, here you must paint, create, and reflect at the same time, considering that the canvas can grow tires, move and that you are painting in four dimensions, using the traits, skin color, and structure as signals to follow.

I usually use paint specialized for the body, which has a water base and chamomile as one of its ingredients to protect the skin’s moisture, and is applied with paint brushes and sponges. I create the majority of my works using only the imagination, I do not need assistants like projectors, stencils, or previous drafts, I only need a key word to conceive what I will do. Such as, water, woman, balance, etc. My biggest challenge has been to learn to work with other people because I rarely make a preliminary sketch to reveal what the final work will be like; I imagine and capture simultaneously and as I progress, I blur colors, delineate, create volume, background, light, etc. When working with a team, I must have a precise idea as to where the lines will go, what colors will be used to blur, etc. However, the delight of the final product is always better when shared.

Since my beginning, I have tried to conceptualize this constant interrelation of the Human Being-Art-Communication with nature. This is an effort fo share my awareness of the effect we can make in the world when we “transform” the human body into a living canvass!

My work is an emerging approach to sharing the complexity of the human being’s beauty in its transformation by means of color and the correlation it has with nature in all its expressions. I have returned to our etiology, using the most primitive art which can never reveal in few words or images, the magnificence of the Human Being.