In this interactive workshop, we will depart on a journey to self-discovery through the art of body makeup, enhancing our resources in a creative and fun way, creating a space of relaxation and of personal growth.


Mental Health is a priority for our socio-emotional relations to be efficient in familiar and studious areas.

Equally expressing what we Feel, Think, Say, and Do gives us a personal balance which strengthens our affective relations and will raise our level of self-esteem.


The workshop Painting Emotions makes use of the Body Makeup as an unthreatening and playful alternative which will allow us to explore and recognize emotions to express our wishes and needs assertively, without the importance of age, gender, race or economic situation.

Body Makeup supplies us without words that may escape us with the expressions of our body.


The workshop is performed in various sessions to understand our basic emotions (Joy, Sadness, Angry, Fear, Love or Affection) and leverage human resources. The workshop provides tools that generate emotional creativity since the work is based on innovative multisensory techniques.


  • The History of Body Makeup as a form of communication
  • The psychology of color
  • Basic or primary emotions
  • Assertiveness

The use of Body make up and music as powerful instruments which function as a process of harmonization and emotional regulator, giving the effective integration of our personality as a result.