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AKIN Body Painting Spray Tanning 

Get an amazing tan in just Minutes!

Spray Tanning in the comfort of your home

 Spray tanning is the easiest and safest way to get a healthy, dark, and sexy Florida tan. With absolutely no sun required, it is by far the safest alternative to acquire a beautiful glow.  It is recommended by The American Academy of Dermatologists, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and the American Medical Association.


 Special Offers and Discounts

    I offer mobile tanning; where I will spray tan you in the comfort of your own environment with a priory appointment.

     I also offer Tanning Parties!  If you have ever had a candle party or makeup party, then you should consider a Tanning Party!  Just as much fun, but you and your friends will leave with a beautiful tan!

      Price List:

Regular Price per Mobile Tan: $35 (up to 20 miles around Doral Fl area*)

Spray Tan Party Price: $25 (minimum 5 persons)

*After 20 miles, $5.00 are added for 10 mile increments

 Host A Spray Tanning Party and your tan is FREE!

 Refer 3 Clients Get A Free Tan! 

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