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BE YOU™ Décor and Merchandise products!

Bring to your life a unique and creative fashionable style

Watch our GALLERY ON LINE. We create 12 different words that can be printed on a poster or T'shirt



The Colombian Photographer Maria Garces and the Mexican-Canadian Body Make Up Artist Erika Monroy, share their talents to create an authentic and fun way to express emotions.

   They have developed a set of Keywords expressing optimistic thoughts made by hand painted human figures performing each of the alphabet letters. They create unique words, which have been reflected through the magic of photography.

   Through BE YOU Collection™ Merchandise people around the world regardless of age, gender or ideology is able to wear modern and comfortable T-shirts carrying with them a message of optimism. BE YOU Collection™ Decor gives the opportunity to create an authentic atmosphere in your home. The possibility of joining the words to create sentences with a positive message always makes this collection a favorite of designers. 

Tour México 
“ La Belleza del Maquillaje Corporal” 

MEHRON México D.F y AKIN Body Painting USA se unen para ofrecer  tres talleres prácticosdel 10 al 12 de noviembre del 2012

Erika Monroy visita en esta ocasión nuestro país. Ha presentado su trabajo en diferentes países como son: E.U., Francia, Italia, y Canadá. Constantemente es invitada a programas televisivos, radio, prensa, Art Fest y galerias

Informes en Mehron  México D.F


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