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Below is a guide to good practice when selecting a face painter. Depending on the painter some of the practices may vary slightly but ultimately should involve "good practice".

 A reputable face painter should have some or all of the following documentation available:

Must have:

Insurance - The face painter should have public liability insurance. A good face painter will if requested be able to show proof of public liability cover and will be happy to do so.

Disclaimer - The face painter should have a disclaimer available for participants on the day of the event. This should be visible/available at their face painting stand.

 May have:

Health and Safety - The face painter should have printed health and safety guidelines available.

Booking Form - The face painter should supply a booking form to ensure they have the correct details for the event, for example, how many children are attending, date of event, venue etc. This may form part of an agreement/contract to book the painter for a particular event.

Terms and Conditions – CREATING SMILES LLC.  terms and conditions to its customers, other face painters may or may not supply this kind of information.

 A reputable face painter will use the following kit:

Face Paints - Good quality face paints such as Snazaroo, Mehron, Wolf, etc should be used by the face painter. Although probably well used they should look as clean as possible.

Sponges - The face painter will only use one sponge per child and a "slop" bucket for dirty sponges will be available. Good face painters also always boil their sponges or wash them in a washing machine hot wash after each event to try and ensure that sponges are clean for the next participant.

Water - Clean water should be available for every child regardless of who they are. A good painter will have clean water available in some sort of container. They will also have a "slops" bucket for dirty water. This method may vary slightly depending upon the painter.


Mirror - Will have a mirror to show the participant the finished art work.

 Reputable face painters will not paint children under 3, with cuts on their faces or with an obvious skin condition or children that are known to be sensitive to things such as face paints. However, for a child whose face may not be painted a good face painter may offer to do an arm instead.

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